Legal and Authorized Online Sports Betting in France

Online betting has been authorized in France since 2010. All sports betting is managed by the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (ARJEL), later replaced by the National Gaming Authority (ANJ). This new regulation provides better security for online bettors.New Legal Framework for France The appearance of the Internet has generated a significant change in online betting […]

How We Rate the Best Bookmakers – The Sambafoot Process

We proceed in a very rigorous way in the selection of the best online betting platforms. 카지노사이트 advocate total objectivity in our research and analysis to avoid biased results. The sites on which we work are all approved by ARJEL.Odds and Markets of Paris Because the online betting market is quite open in France, it […]

Tip, method, technique, advice… How to win at sports betting!

Looking for tips for your sports betting? This guide offers you the essential tips, methods and techniques to win. Do you aspire to become a professional bettor, to make it your job, or at least an activity allowing you to make ends meet? Or are you just hoping to win more than you lose? Many […]

Winning at sports betting: the approach of the pros

Let’s get your ideas straight on how to approach sports betting. No, sports betting is not a simple question of inspiration, anticipation, prognosis. At its core, winning your sports bets is a matter of discipline and self-control. It’s a whole course that awaits you to develop a winning attitude in your approach to betting. The […]

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